Thursday, 9 June 2011


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Final Product, Comic Strip

This is my comic strip that  shows the positive and negative effects of cosmetic surgery. I chose a comic strip because it is eye catching and attracts attention quickly so this is a good way to get this important message across to an audience.I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and judging for yourself whether it is a healthy choice to make or whether we should just enjoy nature's process and age naturally. Here's the comic strip as my presentation, along with the following explanations.

Page 1

On the very first page of introduction, shows a girl who seems unsatisfied with her physical appearance. The exaggerating hideous reflection on the mirror reflects the girl's exaggerating thought of her physical flaws which does not appear so as in the real life. The girl's lack of confidence symbolizes BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder), which the victim often sees her/himself appears uglier than the reality. The girl has endless desire to achieve the "perfect beauty", by looking at the hollywood's celebrity. For her, there is only one solution to "fix her appearance", which is through cosmetic surgery.

Page 2

Cosmetic surgery does not guarantee to be 100%   safe. There are some consequences that may follow cosmetic surgery, which include; health risk, injuries, pains, and failed operation. The consequences have been shown in page 2 and 3. Cosmetic surgery also might have a person psychologically. 

Page 3
As for the moral lesson, beauty is not all about the appearance. What makes a person beautiful is the personality, for beauty is not a permanent thing and fades over times. Cosmetic surgery is not the solution for "fixing beauty", for everybody is beautiful in their own very unique way.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

UOI Interview With Ms Gamage

One of the most main reasons that guided me to choose the following questions, was because I expected those questions to be the most compatible with the topic for my project's interview with Mrs. Dianne. It would have been easier for me to explain my project's topic for the interview, through the chosen three questions.  1) If you could choose your topic again, would you choose the same one, or a different one? I would still have to choose the same topic “Looking at the effects both positive and negative of cosmetic surgery”. Even when I am given another opportunity to choose a different topic I still wanted to continue with this one because it has been of immense interest to me and I would love to explore a deeper understanding of it, through doing this project. The reason I chose this question for my interview is to show the audience about my immense interest of cosmetic surgery as my chosen topic, and that I would not have the tendency to change the chosen topic of cosmetic surgery.

2) Was this topic easier or harder than you expected it to be when you chose it? Explain why. I find the topic happens to be easier than I would have expected, since the topic has been my immense interest, which makes it easier for me to explore a deeper concept of the topic, for it is based on my own motivation. The reason for me to choose this question as an optional choice, is to reveal my real interest in exploring a deeper understanding of cosmetic surgery issues, and that such a topic tends to be easier to be understood when I have the passion to explore it.

3) Do you think that you have successfully shown your learning through the tasks that you've completed during this unit so far? Explain your answer. I think I have not quite successfully shown my tasks through an elaborated learning process, since I have not routinely documented my topic's learning process, which should have been done for every week. Such a question is being chosen, since it reveals my weakness in doing this project for carelessly not reporting my daily process journal that should have been done for every week. Such a carelessness should have been a lesson, in order to improve the project. 

I will prepare for my interview on Friday with Ms Dianne by writing my answers on cue cards and trying to memorise them. Then I will practice my body language and expression using Photobooth. My predicted grade is 6.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Survey Results

After doing the surveys about cosmetic surgery, so far there are 36 sheets of surveys already filled by the people. The survey was based on my painting, which attempts to raise an awareness toward people with its concept and message of cosmetic surgery issues on nowadays society. Based on the surveys, most of the opinions were positives, and agree about the painting's message of surgery issues. Most of the people agree about the concept of cosmetic surgery issues, which the painting attempts to communicate. Through this painting, my intention is to destroy the negative media pressure on nowadays society, that tells us of how beautiful women on nowadays should look like.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Reflection on Bloom’s Project

What have you learnt about, and how do you learn it?

I have learned an abundance of things about cosmetic surgery issues on nowadays-teen society. I have found an interesting piece of article that contains useful information of cosmetic surgery on nowadays society, explaining psychological research and the necessary details of the popular trend of cosmetic that has been widespread across a bigger group of society. Learning with diagrams and pictures helps to stimulate my brain easier, since I am a visual learner.


I would collect some data and information of cosmetic surgery issues, and gathering the whole compiled information into a venn diagram, along with comparison of differences and similarities. The venn diagram would compare the differences and similarities of cosmetic surgery’s utilization in Asia and in western countries.


I am going to print pages of surveys about cosmetic surgery issues, and distribute it to people..

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Cosmetic Surgery


Bodies Under Construction, Teen Cosmetic Surgery

What’s the article about?
The article informs us about the use of cosmetic surgery that is getting popular nowadays within teen society.

When? Not mentioned in the article. It just mentions “nowadays”.

Why? There are an abundance of teens nowadays who are using cosmetic surgery to fix their beauty, including their unsatisfying body parts.

The article tells us about the teens society nowadays, whose doing surgeries.

The use of cosmetic surgery has been a popular widespread around the world (Britain, China, New York , etc.)

The following article I chose, informs me about the popular use of cosmetic surgery in nowadays teen society. It is being explained in the article, the reasons of why the use of cosmetic surgeries is getting more popular in teens society. Low self esteem is one of the issues, teenagers often don’t feel confident about their looks, and keep comparing themselves with other people. This self esteems issue, cause teenagers to take a cosmetic surgery to fix their beauty. Cosmetic surgery’s popularity is starting to widespread globally, including in Asia, Britain, and US.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Heroic George

1) George has some heroic qualities that includes; bravery, strong-willed, risk-taker, and loyal.

2) “Of Mice and Men” story firstly happened when two of the men (George & Lennie), were exploring through the river and forests. They were on their journey to proposing for a job in a farm, where it all was beginning to messed up. They met many people in the farm, and started to face obstacle, until Lennie accidentally killed Curley’s wife which was the climax of the story. The story was ended in a result where Lennie was shot dead by George, in a purpose to end Lennie’s misery.

Character’s Name: George

Physical characteristics: small, short, petite.

Personality: responsible, brave, strong-willed, empathetic, assertive, risk-taker, loyal.

Major challenges/problems: he has a problem in handling Lennie’s autism, and controlling the surrounding situation, helping Lennie to adjust himself with the situation.

3 new titles for the story: Lennie & George, The Journey of 2 men, 2 is Better than 1

I would like to spend a day with George, since he is seems to be a fun man and to spending time with, and has a good will.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


So far, there are a lot of things I have learned about grammar. In ESL class, we have been studying through the right usage of grammar structure. It includes nouns, types, adjectives, verbs, tense, and sentence types. I would like to share a brief overview about the things I have learned about grammar.

There are three types of sentences; simple sentence, compound sentence, and complex sentence. Simple sentence is one of the simplest forms of the types of sentences. It does not need any kind of complicated form, instead it only need one form of simple sentence. Here is the following example of a simple sentence; Jean is eating her hamburger.

In the other hand, compounding sentence use connecting word to connect a longer form of sentence. The connecting word used in a compounding sentence includes ‘and’. One of the examples of a compounding sentence is; I am eating a spaghetti, and Dave is eating French fries.

While complex sentence has a more complicated form of sentence. It uses connecting words such as; while, although, since. Here is the following example of a complex sentence; I am kicking a ball, while my sister is eating her sandwich.

The knowledge of grammar is very useful to help my writing. A good usage of grammar creates a well-organized structured writing, and make writing to sound make sense. Grammar also helps me to create a piece of writing easier, and to deliver the message clearly.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

math basketball experiment, by Theresa 10J & David 10M

graph from the data collection: the following graph fits most of the collected data points, and mostly accurate although not quite. The accuracy factor is affected by the measurement of the data collections. In this experiment case, it is less possible to measure the exact height of the bouncing ball, since the measurement range is wider, and less accurate. The graph shows a bit of curving shape.

data collection
p.s. height is measured in centimeter
the following data collection indicates the more the ball bounces, the less distance is taken from the ball to the floor. More bounce, less height.
Pictures screenshot as the evidence
Video as the evidence

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Mother tongue week

Our school celebrated the Mother Tongue week, by having some dance and music performances from different varieties of cultures. We also invite some natives from Kalimantan to sell their goods in a reasonable price. While some other teachers and parents also participated in the International Day festival, by selling foods from different cultures at lunch time. Many of us got enthusiastic with the festival, since we shared many interesting things from an abundance of other different cultures.