Wednesday, 23 February 2011

math basketball experiment, by Theresa 10J & David 10M

graph from the data collection: the following graph fits most of the collected data points, and mostly accurate although not quite. The accuracy factor is affected by the measurement of the data collections. In this experiment case, it is less possible to measure the exact height of the bouncing ball, since the measurement range is wider, and less accurate. The graph shows a bit of curving shape.

data collection
p.s. height is measured in centimeter
the following data collection indicates the more the ball bounces, the less distance is taken from the ball to the floor. More bounce, less height.
Pictures screenshot as the evidence
Video as the evidence

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Mother tongue week

Our school celebrated the Mother Tongue week, by having some dance and music performances from different varieties of cultures. We also invite some natives from Kalimantan to sell their goods in a reasonable price. While some other teachers and parents also participated in the International Day festival, by selling foods from different cultures at lunch time. Many of us got enthusiastic with the festival, since we shared many interesting things from an abundance of other different cultures.