Thursday, 9 June 2011


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Final Product, Comic Strip

This is my comic strip that  shows the positive and negative effects of cosmetic surgery. I chose a comic strip because it is eye catching and attracts attention quickly so this is a good way to get this important message across to an audience.I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and judging for yourself whether it is a healthy choice to make or whether we should just enjoy nature's process and age naturally. Here's the comic strip as my presentation, along with the following explanations.

Page 1

On the very first page of introduction, shows a girl who seems unsatisfied with her physical appearance. The exaggerating hideous reflection on the mirror reflects the girl's exaggerating thought of her physical flaws which does not appear so as in the real life. The girl's lack of confidence symbolizes BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder), which the victim often sees her/himself appears uglier than the reality. The girl has endless desire to achieve the "perfect beauty", by looking at the hollywood's celebrity. For her, there is only one solution to "fix her appearance", which is through cosmetic surgery.

Page 2

Cosmetic surgery does not guarantee to be 100%   safe. There are some consequences that may follow cosmetic surgery, which include; health risk, injuries, pains, and failed operation. The consequences have been shown in page 2 and 3. Cosmetic surgery also might have a person psychologically. 

Page 3
As for the moral lesson, beauty is not all about the appearance. What makes a person beautiful is the personality, for beauty is not a permanent thing and fades over times. Cosmetic surgery is not the solution for "fixing beauty", for everybody is beautiful in their own very unique way.