Tuesday, 22 March 2011


So far, there are a lot of things I have learned about grammar. In ESL class, we have been studying through the right usage of grammar structure. It includes nouns, types, adjectives, verbs, tense, and sentence types. I would like to share a brief overview about the things I have learned about grammar.

There are three types of sentences; simple sentence, compound sentence, and complex sentence. Simple sentence is one of the simplest forms of the types of sentences. It does not need any kind of complicated form, instead it only need one form of simple sentence. Here is the following example of a simple sentence; Jean is eating her hamburger.

In the other hand, compounding sentence use connecting word to connect a longer form of sentence. The connecting word used in a compounding sentence includes ‘and’. One of the examples of a compounding sentence is; I am eating a spaghetti, and Dave is eating French fries.

While complex sentence has a more complicated form of sentence. It uses connecting words such as; while, although, since. Here is the following example of a complex sentence; I am kicking a ball, while my sister is eating her sandwich.

The knowledge of grammar is very useful to help my writing. A good usage of grammar creates a well-organized structured writing, and make writing to sound make sense. Grammar also helps me to create a piece of writing easier, and to deliver the message clearly.