Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Cosmetic Surgery


Bodies Under Construction, Teen Cosmetic Surgery

What’s the article about?
The article informs us about the use of cosmetic surgery that is getting popular nowadays within teen society.

When? Not mentioned in the article. It just mentions “nowadays”.

Why? There are an abundance of teens nowadays who are using cosmetic surgery to fix their beauty, including their unsatisfying body parts.

The article tells us about the teens society nowadays, whose doing surgeries.

The use of cosmetic surgery has been a popular widespread around the world (Britain, China, New York , etc.)

The following article I chose, informs me about the popular use of cosmetic surgery in nowadays teen society. It is being explained in the article, the reasons of why the use of cosmetic surgeries is getting more popular in teens society. Low self esteem is one of the issues, teenagers often don’t feel confident about their looks, and keep comparing themselves with other people. This self esteems issue, cause teenagers to take a cosmetic surgery to fix their beauty. Cosmetic surgery’s popularity is starting to widespread globally, including in Asia, Britain, and US.

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